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Experimental semiconductor sensors
- Hall
- strain gauge
- thermo-resistors


Semiconductor transducers deformation (tenzosensors): The sensitive element ensures temperature compensation of the output signal, the diametrical tensosensitivity absence and the work at the principle: mechanical influence -output signal in the form of electric voltage.

Working range of deformation                                     0.2 %            
Working range of temperatures                                   4.2 - 450 K   
The sizes of the gauge no more                                     8  mm                            
Current of a feed                                                          1-10  mA
Entrance / target resistance                                     500-10000 Om                                             
Initial voltage of displacement no more than                         20  mV                               
Sensitivity to longitudinal deformation                     >30 mkV/ mln-1
Nonlinearity less than                                                          1 %                                                    
Temperature factor of a voltage of displacement          less than  20 mkV on K                        
Temperature factor of sensitivity                                less     0.02 % /K                                       
Disorder of parameters of gauges in a set                  less  than 1 %                                 
Method of installation on a researched surface              glueing

strain sensors, cryogenic sensors
   More information on strain sensors, cryogenic sensors : Semiconductor strain transducers, temperature and magnetic field for use in radiation exposure, a wide range of temperatures and magnetic fields
    Semiconductor materials possess a high sensitiveness to different external influences and at development on their basis of measuring transducers (sensors) of physical sizes aim to use such materials ...

  With the cooperation, research, development and manufacture of load cells (strain), please contact:
Semiconductor strain gauges

Load cells, strain gauges, sensors
Foil strain gauges
Measuring stress vibrating string. Tensometer

Experimental sensors
- Strain gauges

Strain gauge
Glues, connective for editing of strain sensors
Attestation, calibration, check of strain sensors

Measurement of mechanical strain ( stress ) using a strain gage

The apparatus for measuring strain in static mode

Strain softening materials

Installation of hydro-protection resistor strain gages and strain gauge transducers


Thermistors, thermo-resistors
Semiconductor thermistors (sensors)
Platinum thermometers of resistance
Platinum and copper thermo resistances
Experimental sensors
- Thermistors
Thermo-resistors. Principle of work
Low-temperature (cryogenic) resistance thermometers (thermistors)
Transducers. Thermistors

Thermoelectric converters - generators of EMF
Thermoelectric cooling devices

Thermocouples - calibration (table)
-chromel - alumel
-platinum 30% rhodium platinum 60% rhodium
-chromel - constantan
-copper - constantan
-chromel - kopel 

Thermocouple TCA
Thermocouple TCC
Make of thermocouple
Alloys for thermocouples
Calibrating (table) of thermocouple
Calculation of the temperature on the value of the thermopower

Pyrometer Raytek
Pyrometer MiniTemp MT6
Imager Testo 890
Thermal imaging binoculars. Module M100

Phenomenon of Pel't'e

Electronic thermometer