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Sensor (transducer, gauge) pressure Sapfir (Sapphire)
(Sensors, gauge Sapfir-22M-22MT Sapfir, Sapfir (DÀ, DI, DW, DIW)

   Pressure transducer complex Sapfir 22 (Sapphire pressure sensor 22) is designed for continuous transformation of the measured parameter values - the absolute pressure, gauge pressure, vacuum, and the hydrostatic pressure difference of neutral and aggressive media, as well as the level conversion into standardized current output.
   The pressure transducer (gauge) is designed for use in automatic control, regulation and control of technological processes in various industries, including for use in hazardous areas of oil and gas industry, nuclear power facilities (UAE) and for export.
   Pressure transducer consists of a flow and electronic units. All converters are unified electronics design and differ only in the gauge block.
   The principle of operation of pressure sensors Sapfir 22 based on the impact of measured pressure (differential pressure) in the membrane measuring unit (models 2051, 2151, 2161, 2171, 2351 on the membrane tensoconverters), which causes the elastic deformation of the sensor and the change in resistance strain gages tensoconverters. This change is converted into an electrical signal that is transmitted from tensoconverters of the measuring unit in the electronic unit, and then in the form of a standard current standard signal [(0-5), (0-20), (4-20), (5-0) (20-0) and (20-4)] mA.
   The pressure transmitter is performance on explosion protection:
       a) Ex with type of protection "Intrinsic safety" ia "and the level of protection "particularly explosive safety "(O);
       b) Ex with the types of protection "flameproof enclosure" (d);
       c) no explosion.

   Explosion pressure transducer is designed for installation in hazardous areas, indoor and outdoor plants, according to the documents regulating the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.
   Converter, designed to work on the UAE, is a class 2U PHAE on G-1-011-89 and is only available in no explosion performance.
Sensor (transducer) pressure Sapfir
   Pressure sensors (gauge).
Modern pressure sensors (gauge, transducer) based on different techniques of the electric conversion on the input parameters. Produced a miniature strain gauge, piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive with the single-crystal elastic element using the Hall effect (Tenzo–EMF) and other pressure sensors. On the world market, widespread electric sensors variable reluctance, sensor capacitor with a variable capacitance, vibrochastotnye transducers, strain gauges using thin-film or deposited metal resistors, strain gauge transducers with semiconductor strain gages.
Now one of the most common areas of building pressure sensors is the development of an integrated strain gauge transducers with maximum use of achievements of physics of semiconductors and microelectronic technology. High sensitivity semiconductor strain gages, the use of single crystal materials in the elastic elements of strain gauge transducers, high reliability and stability, process compatibility with integrated circuits signal processing, miniature size of semiconductor sensitive elements, the possibility of the application of group technology manufacturing are their main advantages. Therefore, the semiconductor lansoprazole attract the attention of instrument engineers throughout the world.
Silicon integrated lansoprazole can be used in the temperature range from -253 to +(500...600) °C, when become visible plastic deformation of silicon.