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Resistive gas analysis
    Resistance transmitter concentration of oxygen, such as for example converter based on titanium oxide, can be the basis exhaust gas analyzer. Titanium oxide is a material whose resistance changes depending on the number of oxygen molecules adsorbed on the surface.
    The converter is made of platinum wire or thin film resistor, whose surface is covered with titanium oxide. Depending on the oxygen content in the exhaust gas of a layer of titanium oxide changes its resistance and, therefore, the total resistance of the device.

    The determination of the other gases used other substances. There are also converters for detecting propane and methane. In resistive transducers, there are two elements: one covered with a substance, and the other - uncovered. It is used as a temperature compensating element when measurements are carried out with the converter included in a bridge circuit.
How does the gas gauge

The gas sensor consists of a sensing element to a particular group of substances. If you change the concentration of the gas sensing element changes its physical properties, e.g., resistance.
When gas reached a certain concentration (density in air) the resistance of the device decreases/increases to a certain value that will cause the alarm about the danger.