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Experimental semiconductor sensors
- Hall sensors
- strain gauge sensors
- thermo-resistors

Semiconductor transducers of magnetic field ( Cryogenic Halls sensors): material - film Ga As

    temperature operating range 4.2 - 400 K
    current feeding 1 - 100 mA
    sensitivity 60 - 500 mV/T
    initial output signal U0 in the range of 0,010 - 5 mV
    active area of sensor     100x100  mkm
    the dimensions are         1x1x0.5 mm

    Input and output electrical resistance - 20 - 2000 Ohm

Schematic image of sensor of Hall :
Conclusions: 1,4 is  Tension (Current) of feed;  2,3 is Output tension (Ux).
Hall sensor
schemaic Hall sensor

   More information on Hall sensors (Cryogenic sensors) : Semiconductor measuring transducers (sensors) of deformation, temperature and magnetic-field for application in the conditions of radiation irradiation, wide range of temperatures and magnetic fields
    Semiconductor materials possess a high sensitiveness to different external influences and at development on their basis of measuring transducers (sensors) of physical sizes aim to use such materials ...

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