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Calibration  charts of platinum and copper thermometers of resistance.
Platinum (R  = 46,00 Ohm, 100,00 Ohm, 10,000 Ohm) and copper (R  = 53,00 Ohm,  100,00 Ohm) thermometers of resistance. Calibration  charts of platinum and copper thermometers of resistance.
Platinum resistance thermometers - the most accurate devices for measuring temperatures up to 600 °C, and if it prevents pollution and no stress, their calibration remains unchanged up to this temperature. The resistance thermometers can be used at higher temperatures. In particular, they were used Geicocom and Neville in their classic work on the definition of points of solidification of the alloys at temperatures up to 1110 °C, although at such high temperatures, the resistance is easily changed due to stress and pollution. At high temperatures changes occur due to the evaporation of platinum. The disadvantage of using resistance thermometers is because these devices are relatively large and have higher heat capacity than thermocouples. Resistance thermometers are mainly used in some electronic thermostats.