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    A bolometr is a device by means of which it is possible with the large degree of exactness to measure energy of radiation. In basis of bolometrs of most constructions principle of transformation of radiant energy is fixed in thermal energy. With opening of electric properties of semiconductors the last were used for a bolometric technique and promoted the limit of sensitiveness of bolometr to 10~10 W.
      As far as the sensitiveness of modern bolometric charts is high, it is possible to judge even on a next example.
By means of прецизионного bolometr, placed in focus of telescope, and strengthener it is possible to fix from a moon thermal backbeams. From this point of view deployment of bolometrs becomes clear for the most various aims. Exceptional value bolometrs are presented in those cases, when it is needed to produce some spectrometry researches.
      A fundamental chart of ordinary bolometr is a bridge, sensible thermoresistance joins in one shoulder of which. When some caloradiance falls on thermoresistance, it promotes his temperature, what the equilibrium of bridge and shooter of measuring device, preliminary graduated in corresponding units is violated because of, will deviate on some number of divisions. Thermistor quite often is placed in a metallic or glass vacuum bulb with a window from some very thin material. On outside of bulb taking hatch from thermistor for his plugging in a chart.